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They Come Big and They Come Phat (FREE DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION)

2013-02-11 13:16:34 by Phat-Rat

The Come Big and They Come Phat

The Rats are coming to town, don't fuck with the rats. Kept secret from the humans, this album has been in the works for months being made in the rat caverns, and now, it can finally be released to the human race.





They Come Big and They Come Phat (FREE DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION)


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2013-02-11 15:24:44

Wow awesome music, This picture reminds me WH40K Fantasy rats, I like the Walpaper too It feels like LLC!

Phat-Rat responds:

Thanks man, yeah I have to give props to LittleLuckyLink for the artwork, he makes amazing art!


2013-02-12 18:46:29

Glad I can help out!
Also, I just listened to it, and I have to say, I really love watching artists (whether they be animators, musicians, painters, or whatever) improve. This sounds really good!

Phat-Rat responds:

Thank you, what you said brought a smile to my face. I'm really glad you enjoyed it :D You were a big help to me improving and getting a move on through my little music career here.